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4625 Old Post Road, Charlestown, RI 02813

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2013 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina Riserva "Bucerchiale"

We really like the regular bottling from Selvapiana but the Riserva is jaw dropping delicious, a perfect marriage of elegance and richness.  

2015 De Forville Barbaresco

Classic, elegant Barbaresco at a fair price.

2015 Vietti Nebbiolo Perbacco

This is a wonderful wine to drink when you're feeling the Barolo vibe but want something a little more casual and accessible.  This is a slightly bigger style then the other Nebbiolo wines that we offer.  

2016 Cantine Valpane Rosso Pietro Barbera del Monferrato
Unique Barbera with amazing aromas of red fruits, fruit cake, and spices. The palate is even crazier, and yummier
2016 Ottella Lugana
Please let yourself be acquainted with Lugana.  Might as well start with Otella, a wonderful producer.  This wine shows chameleon qualities.  It seems to take on a richness or acidity depending on the food being paired with it.  We also love the purity that this wine possesses.  
2016 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina

A Chianti that brings some elegance to the table, at a reasonable price.

2016 Tenuta Sant'Antonio Scaia Corvina
This is for intent a declassified Valpolicella,and that’s exactly what it tastes like.  The surprising thing is what a good Valpolicella it tastes like.  It’s easy, but with all the spices and characters that you expect of Corvina from the Veneto.  And there’s no sweetness here.  This is a balanced bottle of wine.  
2017 Bisson U Pastine Banchetta Genovese
You'll be wondering why there aren't more expressions of Banchetta Genovese available after trying this wonderful wine that evokes the sea shore.
2017 Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti

One of the best value Chianti's that you can find.  This is always consistent, showing bright red berried fruit, with enough acid to be mouth watering but never high strung.  

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4625 Old Post Road  Charlestown, RI 02813


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